What Is Love?

Love Is Beautiful!

There is an old song that says "Love is funny or it's sad. It's a good thing or it's bad. It can drive you completely mad. But, it's beautiful."

That, we have always thought pretty much sums up this thing we call love!

So, what is love? It can be many things. It can be that wonderful warm feeling that makes you smile at your worst enemy. It can be the restless stirring that keeps you awake at night. It can be a gnawing hurt that won't go away. To a teenager it is the eye-opener - the meaning of life. All these things and many more describes love.

If love is a feeling - what is romance?loveheart

Romance is an action. It is an art. It can be shy. It can be truthful or it can be devious. Romance is a means to an end. The end being getting the one you love to love and accept you!

  • Romance can be trying to get back a lost love.
  • Romance can be attracting a new love.
  • ... whatever, romance is an action!

We don't know which of these situations describe at what level your romantic life is at present! You might be looking for your first love - and let me say, if you are - then you are about to experience all of the feelings we have mentioned above.

  • You will feel happiness when you first realize that you have met your future mate.
  • You will feel apprehension ... will they like me?
  • What should I say?
  • How should I act?
  • How can I let them know how I feel?
  • Will I be accepted or rejected?

All these and many more feelings will cause you to feel happy, sad and nearly drive you mad.

If you are a female at this stage of romance, for more great information on how to conduct this quest can be found at how do you get a man and keep him. We highly recommend that you give this a serious look!

If you are a male at this stage of romance, we recommend you read more here for Guy Gets Girl for the best information that you can find.

Both of these sites go into depth on the subject and we believe that you will find step-by-step, valuable information on how to go about finding your true love and mate and how to keep them once you have won the battle.

If on the other hand you have found your love only to lose them, we understand and feel your anxiety and despair. Believe us, we've been there. we know how lost - how frustrated you feel.

Was it your fault or theirs? What did you do? You become desperate - which is the worst thing you can do.

You push too hard. You are willing to try anything - promise anything. You want your life back. The way it was. Why did this happen - how did it happen - what can I do - what can I say. All these things run through your mind. You can't sleep - you can't eat. Nothing means anything. Your life is dismal and empty.

But, it does not have to be this way. There is help. That's why we're here - to point you in the right direction. But, we can't or you can't do it all. You need more help and advice than we can give you here. So we have done a lot of research and we sincerely believe that you will find the answers you seek by reading more at Bring Back A Lost Love. Take a look and read carefully.

On this site we have tried to point the way to your future happiness.

Be it a new romance, a new budding of your life finding your first love or help in bringing you out of the depths of despair and set you on the right track to regaining a lost love.

Whichever situation you find yourself at present on this rocky but wonderful sea of love and romance, we wish you smooth sailing and success in finding your lifetime mate, or recovering the lost love you seek!


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